Why we became an Independent Office

Before we officially became Allure Realty on November 17th 2012, we were operating under a franchise. As a franchise, we were limited by the things we could do as a business, because we were representative of a larger brand. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it requires you to share the same vision for your business as the brand has for itself.
Although there is a lot of safety associated with owning a franchised office (big brands are recognisable, and operate very similarly from one office to another, which clients trust, because it’s familiar), we found ourselves representing the brand more out of obligation, rather than shared intentions for the future of our business.
In short, we decided that the benefits of becoming an independent office, and having the freedom to take the business in the direction that we believed in, outweighed the safety that was associated with being a franchise.

We are an online-based business

Allure Realty had an office front for a good 12 years. What we learnt in that time was that online enquiries were taking over all other forms; the internet now accounts for more than 85% of our total enquiries. We discovered that more and more people were calling our office, or meeting us at open homes, and less were actually stopping by to look at our window display.

We also learnt that the rent we were paying could be better spent on other things – like researching and implementing more eco-friendly business practices; offering better, more accessible services to our clients, and; meeting our target market where they are: on the internet, in the comfort of their own homes.

What it means to be a ‘Boutique Agency’

“Quality, not quantity!” We choose to have a select number of employees. Why? Because we care more about our clients and the service that we provide, than we do numbers. Does this affect our success as a business? In short, no.

In this context, we define ‘boutique’ as: “any small, exclusive business offering a customised service”. We have a select team of professionals, all of whom work together to ensure that Allure Realty is an exclusive real estate agency that offers a customised service to its clients, a service which is set to the highest possible standard.

The Team
Gold Coast Property Manager
Hayley Niedenfuhr

Principle/Property Manager

Bianca Hughes

Office Manager / Marketing / Accounts

Virginia Brown Gold Coast Realtor
Virginia Brown