Rental Reforms – Stage 2 is here!!

On 23 May 2024, the Queensland Government passed the Residential Tenancies and Rooming Accommodation and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2024 (the Bill). This Bill introduces the Stage 2 rental law reforms. As your dedicated Property Management team we would like to update you on what you need to know about the new changes.

Stage 2 Rental Law Reforms commenced June 6th 2024:

  1. A lessor or Property Manager can no longer accept an offer from a tenant to pay rent above the advertised price
  2. A lessor or Property Manager can no longer accept an offer from a tenant to pay in advance if it is more than 1 month’s rent
  3. A New Code of Conduct is coming
  4. The tenant will be allowed to attached fixtures and making structural changes to a premises that are necessary for a tenants safety, security and accessibility
  5. Rent must not be increased within 12 months after the rent was last increased
  6. Domestic & Family Violence changes to Relevant Information
  7. New ‘Heads of Power’ to facilitate the industry

This requirement applies regardless of a change of tenant or lessor in the 12 months

  1. A rental increase MUST be calculated from the last increase even if this date was before the new laws commenced
  2. General Tenancy Agreements (Lease Agreements) will need to state when the last increase occurred; a tenant can request evidence of the last increase (including a copy of the last tenant’s Lease Agreement)
  3. If lessor believes they would be caused undue hardship because they are not able to increase rent within 12 months; they can make an application to QCAT for an order.
  4. The confidentiality requirements under domestic and family violence provisions will be expanded
  5. Some laws carry heavy penalties of $7000 per infringement

The second part of the legislative changes will commence at a later date upon proclamation; 

  1. Property Managers will only be able to request limited information from a tenant in their application process, and use a Standard Form for Applications
  2. New verification of identity requirements will apply
  3. At least one fee-free rent payment method MUST be offered to the tenant
  4. Lessors will need to provide evidence to substantiate bond claims within 14 days
  5. Removal of maximum bond limit thresholds and a tenant will be permitted to seek a bond refund in some circumstances
  6. Bills for service charges & water consumption must be provided to the tenants within 4 weeks (unless water consumption charges relate to the end of tenancy)
  7. Entry notice period will be extended from 24 hours to 48 hours
  8. Entry of property will be limited to twice per week after a form 12 or form 13 has been issued
  9. Limiting Break Lease Fee costs

If you would like further information on these, please contact our friendly staff.