Moving Homes Made Easier

Moving day – the long awaited (and dreaded) day where you finally get to live in your new home! Right after you pack a gazillion things, go through stuff you forgot you had, load up a truck and drive back and forth between homes until all of your belongings are completely transferred and you’re utterly exhausted. And then you get to (have to) unpack!

Well, at least that’s my experience. I’ve moved quite a few times in my life (including when I was a less-than-helpful child. Not that children can’t be helpful; I certainly wasn’t) and I’m glad to say that it’s getting easier. The more you move, the more you learn what works best and makes the day go the smoothest! I’ve compiled a short list of some helpful moving tips to make your moving day a little less stressful 🙂 To go hand-in-hand with the list, I’ve also created a downloadable pdf of our Moving Checklist to help you get organised and stay on track for moving day! If you have any tips or tricks of your own, be sure to let us know in the comments!

Moving Tips

1. Use large boxes for lighter items (like towels & sheets) & small boxes for heavy items (books & glassware). The easier it is to carry the boxes, the quicker you can load them in to the truck!

2. If you have to take apart any furniture to move it (like a bed frame), place the screws & Alan keys into ziplock bags & label them so you know what piece of furniture they’re for.

3. Pack & label boxes organised by rooms so unpacking is easier. If you have a few awesome people helping you move, put post-it notes on the doors of your new home displaying what room it is, so everyone knows which box goes where.

4. When taping up the boxes, place string underneath the tape & leave a ‘tail’ longer than the tape. When it’s time to unpack, just pull the tape back and peel the tape off! No Stanely Knives required, and the kids can help too!

5. Load up your car first, and remember to keep it locked.

6. Line boxes with bubble wrap to prevent damage to fragile items.

7. If you don’t want to wash all of your glassware and ceramics when you get to your new home, don’t wrap them in newspaper! Newspaper smudges (and makes your hands inky), so you’re better off using leftover junk mail, white paper or clean linen.

8. Wash soiled clothes before packing. This might seem obvious, but it’s really nice not needing to do washing as soon as you move.

9. Find yourself a pull-tie garbage bag, bunch as many hanging clothes together in your cupboard as you can (coat hangers & all), pull the bag up and over them and tie it up at the top, leaving the hook to the coat hangers exposed. When you get to your new place, just hang them up and take the bag off. Done!

10. Have a bottle of water attached to your hip – there’s nothing worse than doing all that hard work, feeling exhausted and dehydrated and not being able to find a bottle of water anywhere, or forgetting to grab one in the first place!

And there you have it! My favourite tips that have helped make my moving day a bunch easier. 🙂 Below you’ll see our moving checklist. Happy moving!