7 tips for vacating your property

Moving out of a property requires careful planning and attention to detail to ensure a smooth and stress-free process. To help you with your move, we’ve compiled seven essential tips to guide you in vacating your property efficiently. From giving yourself ample time to coordinating necessary services, these tips will assist you in completing your move-out tasks effectively.

  1. Give yourself plenty of time – this will save you money and time in the long run: When planning your move-out, allow yourself plenty of time. Procrastination can lead to unnecessary stress and rushed decisions. Start the process early to avoid any last-minute complications and to have ample time to complete all the necessary tasks involved in vacating the property.
  2. Make yourself a to-do list: Create a comprehensive to-do list to stay organized during your move-out. Include tasks such as arranging necessary services, contacting relevant parties, and completing required paperwork. Divide the list into categories to easily track what needs to be done, who needs to be contacted, and which tasks have been completed.a) What needs to be arranged? Make a note of tasks such as arranging for utility disconnections, booking a cleaner, carpet cleaner, gardener, and pest control if necessary, and scheduling any necessary repairs or maintenance.

    b) Who do you need to contact? Identify the parties you need to inform about your move, such as the post office, insurance companies, utility companies, banks, and any other relevant entities. Notify them of your change of address and make necessary arrangements for the transition.

  3. Book a cleaner, carpet cleaner, gardener, and pest control: Consider booking professional services to ensure the property is clean and well-maintained. Our office can assist you in arranging these services, saving you time and ensuring the property meets the required standards for the final inspection.
  4. Review the Entry Condition Report: Carefully review the Entry Condition Report provided to you at the beginning of your tenancy. Compare the property’s current condition to the documented report and ensure it is returned in a similar state, considering fair wear and tear. Address any damages or issues that need to be rectified before you vacate.
  5. Contact the agent to discuss your progress: Reach out to your agent to update them on the tasks you have completed or are about to undertake. Discuss any outstanding items and seek clarification if needed. Maintaining open communication ensures you are on track and not missing any important details or deadlines.
  6. It is recommended not to pay contractors until after the final inspection: If you engage contractors not arranged through Allure Realty, it is advised not to make any payment until after the final inspection has been completed. This ensures that all necessary repairs and services have been satisfactorily provided before any payments are made.
  7. Return all keys and remotes on or before the vacating date: On your vacating date, it is essential to return all keys and remotes associated with the property. Aim to return them by close of business on the designated date, as specified in your tenancy agreement. This ensures a smooth transition for the next tenant and finalizes your responsibility for the property.

Following these seven tips for vacating your property, you can streamline the move-out process, maintain good communication with your agent, and leave the property in the best possible condition.